Illinois Archaeological Predictive Model (IAPM) Consultation Request


Use this form to submit a request for further consultation on the results of the IAPM as they relate to your project or area of interest. This is a free service offered by the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) for landowners, developers, and fellow archaeologists. Requests for consultation are for informational and planning purposes only, and will have no bearing on whether you will be required to consult with the Illinois State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) about archaeological testing or mitigation. Please allow up to two weeks for a response.


Please include your contact information, a description of the project and location, and a map or GIS data clearly showing the location. All data, project descriptions, and personal information will not be shared with any parties outside ISAS and are collected only for the purpose of offering consultation on the IAPM.


Any questions about the form, your submission, or your IAPM report should be directed to We are happy to provide more information about the model or help interpet the results as they relate to your project. 



answer must be phone number with area code like 217-333-1000


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Please attach GIS files (e.g., zipped shapefile, kmz, gpx) or a map showing your project area. If uploading a map, please include nearby landmarks (e.g,. roads, section lines) so the area can be easily located.


(Optional) Attach additional GIS files or maps.


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