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LERA/ASSA Paper Proposal Form

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Paper Submission Guidelines

Deadline March 9, 2015

Thank you for your interest in submitting a paper proposal. The Program Committee will only consider complete proposals, so please be prepared to submit complete paper and contact information for all co-authors (if any).

We encourage you to collect this information in a Word (or other) document, and copy it into this submission form.

This form is to submit an abstract (up to 300 words) of your research paper to be considered by the LERA Program Committee for inclusion in a session.

If your paper proposal is accepted, you will be asked to have a completed research paper on this topic completed by November 15th (roughly six-weeks prior to the conference which will take place the first week of January). The Program Committee will begin to evaluate proposals on the proposals submission deadline of March 9th, and you should know whether or not your proposal has been accepted by May 9th.

1. Please submit paper title, and abstract (up to 300 words) of the paper (both required).

2. Please list complete author and co-author information (names, affiliations, email addresses), as well as a mailing address and phone number for the presenter.

3. Please list paper co-authors (if more than one) in the appropriate 'author order', so that we may list them correctly in the printed program.

4. If you have other information to submit about this session that will not 'fit' neatly into the e-form, please include it at the very end of the e-form in 'other'.

5. A copy of your proposal will be emailed to you after you submit this form. You may wish to print or electronically keep this email as your record of submission.



limited to 300 words.

required3. Primary topic area

required3. Primary topic area

Presenting Author Contact Information


answer must be an email address











Complete Author Listing

Multiple authors on one paper? If YES, please list all authors/co-authors, in author order, so that we may reproduce this accurately in the program, and include the appropriate affiliations and contact information for each author/co-author in the list.

required15. Please select the number of author(s) for this paper.

required15. Please select the number of author(s) for this paper.

Example: Jane Doe, US GAO,; John Doe, US CBO,; Mary Smith, AFL-CIO,

Example: Jane Doe, US GAO,; John Doe, US CBO,; Mary Smith, AFL-CIO,

Other Information

required Include your email address in your submission to:

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