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Request a UIPD therapy K9 visit

Request a UIPD therapy K9 visit

Therapy dogs are great for helping to reduce stress, and they are available to meet with you — especially if you are planning an event with a group of people.

Please give us at least two weeks' notice in advance of your event if possible. We try to accommodate as many requests as we can, but the dogs need some down time too.

Because of the therapy K9s' schedules, we typically prioritize events that have a higher number of attendees or include some kind of safety education component. However, we can be flexible in special circumstances. Please provide us with a few basic details of your request to visit with a UIPD therapy dog, and we'll get back to you to make it happen. We will do our best to respond to your request within three business days. Response times may vary depending on the availability of our K9 team.




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9. Will there be other dogs or animals present at your event?

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