NPRE Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination

To honor the contributions of NPRE Alumni

The NPRE Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented by the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at Illinois and by the NPRE Constituent Alumni and Industry Advisory Board to alumni who make notable advances in the field of nuclear science, and lasting contributions to society in general. Through their careers and voluntary service, these individuals bring honor upon themselves, their fellow graduates, the Department, the College of Engineering, and the University of Illinois.


NPRE students, faculty, alumni and friends are encourage to submit nominations for NPRE alumni who fit these criteria and who are deserving of recognition. Nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award will be taken until January 1. Nominations not selected for the initial year of nomination will be held and considered for future award cycles, and can be updated as nominators see fit. For more information, contact Susan Mumm at












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