TED Fellows 2022-23 Application | Deadline: June 1, 2022

The TED Fellows program is a redesign of the TED Alumni program with the aim of providing previous TED participants with an opportunity to collaborate on transatlantic group projects over the course of a school year.

Please use this application to submit group project proposals (see guidelines here). You do not need to have group members confirmed to submit a proposal. If you are interested in participating in TED Fellows but do not have a project idea at the moment and/or like to find additional group members, please use the TED Fellows Flipgrid and/or Padlet to see project ideas that others have proposed and meet potential group members.

The application for TED Fellows is due June 1. Notifications will be sent out by mid-June, with the goal of finalizing groups by June 30.



answer must be an email address

required4. To submit a proposal to TED Fellows, each educator must have already participated in the TED Program in the past. Have you participated in TED before? If not, please consider applying for the regular TED Program (http://europe.illinois.edu/ted).


If you are submitting the proposal on behalf of a group, please include the names of all group members (including yourself), along the following information:

1. email addresses
2. cities/towns and countries
3. academic subject(s) taught, if applicable
4. grade(s) taught or other educator roles (TED alumni do not have to be current K-12 teachers to participate in TED Fellows)
5. year(s) in which they participated in TED

Please note that we recommend that groups be no larger than 6 people.

The proposal should include an explanation of the scope of your project, who or how many group members will be involved, what each group member would be responsible for, and project goals.



required Include your email address in your submission to:

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