Krannert Art Museum Visual Descriptions

Introduction to the Audio Description Project

Thank you for helping Krannert Art Museum work toward providing descriptions of works of art that may help our visitors who have low vision or blindness. These descriptions will be edited for use on the web and will become a part of the code that a screen reader or visual assistant service can use to describe images audibly for a person who cannot perceive them visually.

When you're working on this project, it can help to imagine you are describing something to a person in the next room who cannot see what you're talking about. We'll walk you through with some basic questions, then ask for a short description of the work of art in your own words.

Please remember: your observations are valueable and the most important part of this project. Research on the art or artists is not needed.




limited to 200 words.


More Audio Description Resources

This article from Art in America looks at how different museums are creating Alt Text

Artist Shannon Finnegan worked with poets to create Alt Text

Blind English professor Georigina Kleege has written a book about what blindness has to offer museums. Her work is summarized in this article