Horticulture Hotline Inquiry

The horticulture hotline is a community service that Master Gardener programs provide across the nation.  Individuals can call or stop by any Extension office to leave a plant ID or disease question and to receive management advice.  Volunteers will diagnose your question and return your inquiry with a research-based answer. 




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In the box below, describe the plant, problem, insect, or other inquiry. Please provide as much of the following information as you can.

For plants - height, width, age (if known), where it grows (physical location, sun or shade), type and color of flowers, when it blooms.

For plant problems - type of plant (annual, perennial, shrub, tree, fruit-bearing, vegetable, turf/grass, indoor plant) Name of plant, age, where it grows (physical location, sun or shade).

For insects - size color, number of legs and wings, where found, number found. Do you want advice on control measures?

Photo Upload

Please upload pictures that show the plant, insect, or problem. For plant identification, please provide a photo of the whole plant, and a photo of leaves attached to the stem, and flowers (if blooming). 

Please be sure that the photo clearly shows the issue at hand.  Close-ups are helpful.  If you can scale the photos, that is helpful as well.  




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Thank you for submitting your inquiry to the Champaign County Master Gardeners.  A Master Gardener volunteer will follow-up once research is complete.