Request to Make Dissertation or Thesis Available in IDEALS

Since 2010, the Graduate College has required that theses and dissertations be made available in IDEALS (, the University of Illinois' digital repository for research and scholarship produced at Illinois. IDEALS is managed by the University Library.

The Library has embarked on a long term project to digitize and make available all dissertations and theses produced at Illinois. Because we do not have direct agreements with the authors of these dissertations and theses to make these openly available, we have restricted access to students, faculty, and staff currently affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. However, on the author's request we can make these items openly available to the public. You can make that request via this form.

The Library can also digitize dissertations and theses on request to be added to IDEALS. You can make that request via this form as well.


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7. If your dissertation or thesis is currently NOT in IDEALS, please read the statement below and check the box below that you agree to the license terms.

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