Emerging Tech Hands-on: 3D Printing/Design

Emerging Tech Hands-on: 3D Printing/Design

CITL Innovation Spaces are hosting a variety of hands-on emerging technology topics for beginners. Workshops are open to everyone. (Note: This workshop counts towards the Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching.)

All workshops are free and scheduled to last one hour. Details are listed, below.

3D Printing/Design with Thingiverse, Tinkercad, and Ultimaker – Friday, March 29th at 11am at the TechHub (151A Armory)

  • Find out the many ways to create, get, and share 3D print models from borrowing modifying other people’s designs to creating your own. Participants will design and print a small 3D model that they can take with them.
  • Requirements: Laptop, free Thingiverse and Tinkercad accounts
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