CDL Research Proposal Form

Child Development Laboratory
Please complete the following research proposal form. Boxes marked with * are required.

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III. If research is being conducted under faculty supervision, please give name of project advisor and department.



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X. Since the majority of the CDL staff is involved to some degree in research conducted in the Lab, it is necessary to have information about the proposed project. Please supply the specifics requested in the next section. This will enable the CDL staff to more effectively assist you in implementing this research. Provide this information on a separate sheet and attach to this form.

XI. Has this study received Human Subjects clearance?

XI. Has this study received Human Subjects clearance?

NOTE: Specific procedures have been created to assist you in implementing this research (i.e., scheduling, coordinating needed space and materials, etc.). The CDL director or Assistant director will work with you on these procedures. If you have any questions, please contact us at Child Development Laboratory.