2019 ACES Outstanding Young Alumni Award Nomination

2019 ACES Outstanding Young Alumni Award Nomination


Recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of living University of Illinois College of ACES alumni who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or through outstanding leadership or service have significantly enhanced or improved the lives of others.  Awardees will be honored during the ACES Alumni Weekend activities in the Fall~ To be announced.

Scoring will consist of Narrative of Endorsement 5 points, Professional Accomplishments, 60 points, Service to Professional Organizations, 10 points, Service to the University and College of ACES 40 points, Service to the Community 25 points and Awards and Honors 10 points.

Guidelines for Nomination:
• Nominees must have received a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree from the University of Illinois College of ACES.
• Nominee must be under the age of 40 on January 1, 2019.
• Nominee must be able to attend ACES College Connection Weekend activities in the Fall 2018 to accept the award.
• Submit the completed nomination form. Complete applications should include all relevant information within the nomination form and letters of support should only support the nomination, they are not scored.

 Provide a biographical sketch (1 page maximum) about the nominee. (included in packet)
 Nomination information is limited to text box area provided in each area. Do not attach extra pages.
Please attach:

Attach a minimum of two letters of reference and a maximum of four, in support of this nomination. One letter of reference should be from a University of Illinois faculty or staff member. Names and addresses must be included on reference letters.
Attach resume of nominee (no vitas please).

All nominations are kept on file for three years to be reviewed for the ACES Young Alumni Award, however nominators are encouraged to update forms if they are re-considered after the initial year of application.

Applications due May 15, 2019

Tina Veal
Director of Alumni Relations
College of ACES Alumni Association
University of Illinois – MC - 631
Suite 124 ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center 1101 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

Questions please call:  217-333-7744 or email vealt@illinois.edu