Social Work Recommendation Form

Social Work Recommendation Form






Applicants for admission do not have access to their application records. Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, only registered students and alumni have access to their educational records. This report will be used solely for the purpose of determining whether or not the applicant should be admitted to the Social Work Program. After the admissions committee has made its decisions, this reference report and all others written on the applicant's behalf will be removed from the file and will not be a part of the student's educational record if he or she matriculates at the university.


We appreciate your taking the time to complete this form and encourage you to add additional comments where space is provided or to attach an accompanying letter if you desire. Thank you for your cooperation and for your honest appraisal of this applicant.


Please rate the candidate with respect to each of the characteristics noted below, indicating his or her relative standing among peers.

Instructions for questions 9 through 29.

Indicate one of the following answers for each of the questions below.

OutstandingGoodAverageBelow AverageNo basis for judgment

9. Reliability:

10. Academic Ability:

11. Liked By Others:

12. Critical Thinking:

13. Freedom from Prejudice:

14. Tact:

15. Honesty:

16. Control of Anger:

17. Judgement:

18. Imagination:

19. Perseverance:

20. Intelligence:

21. Ability to Work with Others:

22. Professionalism:

23. Sense of Humor:

24. Openness:

25. Respect for Others:

26. Tolerance of Ambiguity:

27. Initiative:

28. Maturity:

29. Empathy and Understanding of Others: