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  • Kaitlyn Ho
  • Junior
  • Major: Mathematics

Research description:

Through the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, my first research experience evaluated the effect of lesson study on the professional development of mathematics teachers in Chile. My most recent project in the Illinois Geometry Lab developed lesson plans and materials to determine the best way to increase student engagement in a classroom. The team developed a game through HTML and Adobe Illustrator to teach students about Symmetry Groups. 


Everyone, including your professors, has started where you are right now. The first step is to apply to different programs and projects! Make the most out of your research experience to develop long-lasting relationships with your team.

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I thought I hated research, but my opinion has changed now that I understand what research really is. Working in interdisciplinary projects helped me discover my passions! Set up a meeting with me to talk about balancing research with other responsibilities or if you have any other questions!


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