The BA in Dance Curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) curriculum in dance is designed to provide students with an individualized, intellectual exploration of dance at the undergraduate level. The degree is designed for students who want to employ an interdisciplinary academic approach to their study of dance.  The flexibility of the program offers students an opportunity to pursue a minor or major in another discipline.

The BA Program in Dance is more than a degree program requiring fewer dance credit hours than the BFA Program to complete. Rather, it is a program that requires students to dance while considering the social, cultural, psychological, phenomenological underpinnings that inform the dancing body. It is a research-based program.

To be accepted...

  1. you must present a compelling case as to why the BA Program is right for you,
  2. you must know which other academic discipline is going to be your other area of focused study (If you are a junior, you must have completed and performed well in coursework in the proposed area), and...
  3. you must demonstrate adequate achievement in your academic classes to date.

The application consists of several questions, an uploaded copy of your current Degree Audit Report (DARs), and a completed Program of Study Worksheet (POS):

Answers to the questions must be long enough to be thorough, but edited enough to be 'to-the-point' and grammatically correct.

The completed POS will be uploaded as part of the application. It can be found under the same menu on the Kiosk as the application. It is a multi-year plan for completing all the coursework for both the BA degree and your focused area of study and must be completed to the best of your knowledge. If you need help with this, contact your academic advisor.




limited to 500 words.