GIFT Fellowship Recommendation Form

Global Fieldwork Recommendation Form and Instructions

Instructions for teachers: Please have either a colleague, administrator, academic coach, and/or professor write a recommendation for you. 


Instructions for Reference: The below named teacher is applying for a study abroad scholarship through the Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapign and has listed you as a reference. The Fellowship committee appreciates a frank appraisal on your part of the applicant, particularly with regards to the applicant’s ability to successfully carry out studies in a foreign environment. Please comment specifically on the applicant in terms of the following: a) suitability; b) personal suitability; c) weaknesses; d) strengths e) linguistic preparation, if applicable; and any other factors relevant to the applicant’s ability to participate successfully in an education abroad program.

Thank you for assisting us in the evaluation of this teacher.

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required11. Please check the statement that you feel most accurately reflects your opinion of this teacher's suitability for the program.

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