Krannert Center Convocation Accessibility Request Form

So that Krannert Center staff can best accommodate the accessibility needs of you and your guests, please fill out this form with as many details as possible.

For convocation ceremonies, reservations in the accessible section of the theatre may be requested up to 5 business days before the ceremony. If you need to make an accessibility request after that time, please contact the House Manager upon arrival at Krannert Center to find suitable seats, subject to availability. The House Manager can be contacted by using the Patron Services intercom located near the elevator in each parking garage.

One week prior to the ceremony you designate below, an email with further information regarding accessible parking, where to go upon arrival, and more will be sent to the email address you provide below.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact Krannert Center Patron Services at or 217.333.3428. Thank you, and congratulations!






Matrix questions with the same answers

For each row, please click a button, 1 through 6, to indicate how many people in your party need that accommodation. If a row does not apply to your party, please leave it blank.

  1. Guest is able to walk into the theatre but requires a seat with no stairs or few stairs

  2. Guest will arrive in their own wheelchair or scooter and needs a wheelchair accessible seat

  3. Guest will need one of Krannert Center's wheelchairs but can transfer into a theatre seat

  4. Guest uses a cane or walker

  5. Guest has a hearing impairment

  6. Guest has a visual impairment

  7. Guest has a service animal that is trained to task for a disability


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