Bituminous Award Nomination 2022

Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference Awards

Every year, the Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference recognizes the significant contribution of individuals and/or organizations to the pavement engineering field. The Conference Award Committee seeks nominations from DOTs, industry, and local agencies for the following four awards, worth $500 each:

Marshall Thompson Student Research Award: which recognizes an undergraduate or graduate student for his or her contribution to advance knowledge in the bituminous paving field.
IAPA Bituminous Innovative Research Award: which honors a person for his or her contributions to innovative and impactful research aimed to improve the performance of bituminous materials and/or pavements.
Barry Dempsey Bituminous Technical Contribution of the Year Award: which celebrates a DOT or industry employee for outstanding technical/engineering contribution to the bituminous paving field.
Imad Al-Qadi Leadership in Bituminous Engineering Award: which commends a DOT or industry employee and/or organization for leadership in the bituminous and flexible pavement field.

Government employees may not be eligible for the monetary part of the awards per the corresponding agency regulations.  Specifically, Illinois DOT employees are not eligible for the monetary part of the awards.

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