Reentry Guide Requests

Thank you for your interest in the Education Justice Project's Reentry Guides!

EJP's reentry guides provide individuals and communities impacted by incarceration with resources and tools for self-empowerment. We hope these guides will be useful for people leaving prison, as well as for family members, friends, and service providers.

We offer two guides:

  • Mapping Your Future: A Guide to Successful Reentry, 2022 (for people leaving prison and living in Illinois, available in English and Spanish, $11.00)
  • A New Path: A Guide to the Challenges and Opportunities After Deportation, 2021-2022 (for people who are being deported after release or detention, available in English and Spanish, $9.00)

There's no charge for sending guides to people in prison or detention. Typically, guide requests take 2-3 weeks to fill. 

You can download our guides for free and search for reentry resources in our online directory at:  


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