Nomination Form for the Department of Statistics Award for Excellence in Instruction


Please use the web form to nominate Faculty members in the Department of Statistics who epitomizes the highest levels of excellence in teaching. If you wish to nominate multiple faculty members, please submit the form once for each nomination.

Nominator Information

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For students not in the Department of Statistics, please specify the program of study in the "Other" field, e.g. BSc: Computer Science, MS: Actuarial Science, PhD: Mathematics, et cetera.

Nominee Information

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Please list each additional course you've taken with the Instructor, e.g. STAT 125, STAT 333, STAT 501, and so on. If there is only one course, please enter N/A.


Please make sure to provide evidence satisfying at least one of the elements of the Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Sustained excellence in teaching inside and outside of the classroom.

  2. Innovative approaches to teaching that incite intellectual curiosity

  3. An overall positive impact on student learning leading to a life-long desire for learning.

  4. Other contributions to improve undergraduate and/or graduate instruction.

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