[Reservation Request - 1000 HMNTL Seminar Room/Atrium]

Reservation Policies

This form is for reserving HMNTL 1000 & Atrium only, visit our portal for reserving HMNTL 2003, 3003, or 3005.

The HMNTL seminar room (rm. 1000) holds up to 80 people.

Conditions regarding the use of the space (in order of priority):

  1. Groups conducting research in the HMNTL whose events are related to their research activities.
  2. Central and campus administrative units holding events important to the campus as a whole.
  3. Units or individuals working in areas scientifically or technically related to HMNTL research areas.
  4. Campus units or individuals holding events of academic importance to the campus as a whole but are unrelated to HMNTL research.
  5. Off-campus organizations whose events are unrelated to the HMNTL will rarely be granted approval.

Use of the HMNTL facilities may be accorded to organizations other than those categorized above within or outside the University, when such use does not interfere with other planned activities, and when the best interest of the University would appear to be served.

Reservation Charges (Effective October 15, 2017)

  • Reservations between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
    - HMNTL Seminar Room (1000) is $68/hr with a 2-hour minimum reservation.
    - HMNTL Atrium is $20/hr with a 2-hr minimum reservation.
  • The seminar room and atrium are not able to be reserved between the hours of 5pm and 8am.
  • The seminar room and atrium are not able to be reserved on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Events requiring additional furniture in the atrium will need to contact F&S directly.  They will be billed directly for these charges by F&S.
  • All groups and individuals using HMNTL facilities are responsible for any and all damages they might cause.  Extra charges for when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to return the areas to a condition adequate for continued use will be billed directly to the user by F&S.
  • Reservation charges begin as soon as setup begins or catering arrives and ends when setup is complete or catering leaves.


Event Details





requiredNature of event (check all that apply):




requiredWhat do you want to reserve?

Configuration of Seminar Room

If the Seminar room or Atrium will be reconfigured, two weeks advance notice is required in order to allow time for booking with F&S. For events not sponsored by HMNTL resident faculty, these charges will be in addition to the usage fees. We will contact F&S to make the arrangements, and we will provide them with your account number to charge. Please contact Ryan Wild at rwild@illinois.edu to make the arrangements.

Theater Style

Theater Style

Tables and Chairs

 Tables and Chairs

requiredConfiguration of Seminar Room:
requiredDo you need two registration tables (includes 4 chairs) set up in the atrium?

Please note that if you answer "Yes" to this question, and have requested the "Tables and Chairs" configuration above, two tables will be removed from 1000 HMNTL to accommodate this request.
requiredDo you need any furniture moved in the atrium?
requiredEquipment requested:

Depending on quantities desired, we may need to rent additional equipment to meet your needs. In this event, your account will be charged for any rental or pick-up/delivery charges.

requiredWill food and/or beverages be served at this event?

Food and beverages are to be served and consumed in the atrium area---not the seminar room. You are responsible for cleaning up immediately after an event when food and beverages are served.

requiredWill alcohol be served at this event?

Alcoholic beverages may be possessed and consumed at approved events in the atrium area ONLY. Event organizers must obtain approval in writing from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Director of Auxiliary Services at least seven days in advance of the event: http://cam.illinois.edu/viii/VIII-10.htm

The approved form must be submitted to HMNTL by email to the HMNTL business office at mntl-businessoffice@illinois.edu.

A staff member from your unit must be on hand at all times to ensure that no alocholic beverages leave the atrium area!

Note: We reserve the right to determine the need for additional HMNTL staff, security staff, F & S maintenance, or other service providers during or after the event and may assess charges to recover such costs.

requiredPlease note that all external doors lock at 5pm. Also be aware that that at 5pm all internal doors leading to the loading dock, shops, clean rooms, basement, and freight elevator are auto locked to isolate the east and west building hazards. The courtyard gate in the loading dock area locks at 4:30 pm. It is the responsibility of the department/unit hosting the event to ensure that caterers can get into the building after 5pm and are informed that service vehicles parked inside the courtyard at 4:30 pm could be locked in overnight. HMNTL staff members are not typically available after 5pm to assist in these matters.
requiredUsage fees

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