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Want to Watch Previous Get Savvy Webinars?

You can access the previous Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff recordings, materials, and quizzes through the University of Illinois Financial Literacy Digital Badges Program and on YouTube. Topics we have covered include:

  • Establishing Your Roots: Getting Started with Financial Services
  • Staying on Good Terms: Credit & Debt
  • Steps Toward Investing
  • Life Transitions
  • Budget Hacks: From Research to Practical
  • Reports, Scores & Histories: Credit Secrets Revealed
  • Spooked by Spending Plans?
  • Financial Wellness & First Professions
  • How to Save Money on Food
  • Establish Healthy Credit
  • S.M.A.R.T. Study Abroad
  • Navigating Financial Aid
  • Planning for the Unforeseen
  • What's Your Job Worth?
  • Identity Theft & Fraud
  • Money in Relationships
  • Cover Your Assets
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • Choosing a Financial Pro

Each quiz you complete counts towards a University of Illinois financial literacy badge. Learn more about the Financial Literacy Badges Program today.


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