Share Your Library Story

As we begin this campaign to transform the University Library, we are reminded of the many individuals who themselves have been transformed by the Library.


Many students and scholars are drawn to the University because of the Library, and many more discover its treasures after they arrive.  Tell us what the Library means to you. Please share your story and some information about you.


An example:
“Though I was a student of LAS, the Grainger Engineering Library was home for me. I spent most of my time on the second floor, in the Grand Gallery with the open seating. It was beautiful. A lot of my academic magic happened there. For some reason, my creative juices ran better when I was in that building. The amount of time I spent there rivaled any engineering student, without question. There was something about the tall ceilings, decorative lamps and brown furniture that made me feel like I could conquer any assignment that came my way. I would suggest that every student deserves to have a place like Grainger for purposes of studying — a place that ignites thought, interest and comfort.”



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Please note that your story may be shared on the LIBRARY STORIES page and in printed publications in order to encourage support of this important project.